Your Perfect Open Concept Home at Our Houston Apartments

We are delighted that you have chosen to contact Scotland Yard apartments in Houston, Texas for your home! Check out these 10 simple steps you can take to create your ideal open concept home. Adding your own personal style is always the key as you start your decorating journey!

Combine Your Favorites

Create your open concept room by picking up decor and colors that resemble each other and use them throughout the space. Try and keep it simple while following the same pattern. This will create a unique feeling and make your area just perfect! The goal is to create a space that flows, so choose two or three main pieces to tone each other and make the rest space more neutral. It’s always good to have the color in your Houston, Apartment to create an open concept, but the key is not to use too much, especially when you include a particular pattern.

Shop Near Your Houston Apartments Until You Drop

Make sure to keep your Houston apartment in mind while shopping. Bringing photos and living area measurements will help you choose the right furniture size. If you have low ceilings you will want small, simple furniture to make your space look great. If you have vaulted ceilings you will need to include larger pieces such as sections in the living area, to make your space seem larger than it really is.

Keep it Simple to Save Space

When it comes to creating an open concept it is important to keep the space as simple as possible and avoid looking cluttered. So if you have a lot to store keep it in mind as you shop. Something like a TV stand can have storage, display space, built-in bookshelf and a place for TV in each one while keeping everything simple and stored away.

Make it Your Own, One Room at a Time

When it comes to putting furniture together, be sure to focus on selecting each space. The best way you can do this is to create a theme for the home and break it into each room, having the same concept through the house, but using different pieces to connect them together. When someone passes through the front door, what will they see first? Keep this in mind when starting to place pieces in specific areas. Try to have a design piece as the center of attention in each room. This will brighten up every room. Adding something like a large live plant can be a focal point. In addition to the added oxygen in your apartment helps you have a clear head. You are unique and must be your living space too! Add things inside your apartment home that represent you and your creative style. Your door and entry method being coordinated will create warm feelings as your friends and family come to visit your home. Adding a seasonal rosemary and matching decoration will do just a trick! From start to finish you will be amazed at your guests and the concept of open living designed by no one but you!m Use these tips and run with them. If you exit the track, try again! You can create a positive environment in your living space to share with your friends when they come and hang out in your newly decorated apartment home at Scotland Yard!

Want to contact Scotland Yard your new home? Contact our wonderful leasing professionals at (713) 799-9460. They are waiting to hear from you!!