Scotland Yard Apartments is Keeping it Clean

Tired of cleaning house, just want to go to the movies instead?  Want to just enjoy the nightlife in Houston instead of going home and cleaning out the refrigerator?  But you can’t because those stacked up dishes will still be waiting for you when you get back to your apartment.  Who wants to spend a whole weekend cleaning?  Nobody!  You might find it easier to do a little each day instead of letting it pile up and feel over whelming.  Can’t afford a housekeeper for your apartment?  No worries, follow these simple tips and you will be surprised by how quickly your apartment looks sparkling and brand new.

Did you know that most household dirt — 75 to 80 percent — is tracked in from outside. Keep it outside by regularly sweeping outside your front door and your patio or balcony. Then, add a doormat to both the inside and the outside of the door.

Start at the Front Door  shutterstock_120175333

Vacuum or shake your entryway rugs and mats when you clean the rest of the house and wash them once a month.  Keep grit and scuff marks at bay by asking family members and guests to remove their shoes when coming into your apartment. Keep a basket of slippers inside the front door for guests to borrow.  Houston can be a very rainy city.  Try placing an umbrella stand inside near the front door to keep wet umbrellas from dripping all over the house.

Kitchen Cleaning

Use your exhaust fan in the kitchen.  Smoke and grease are sticky magnets for dirt and dust.  It is best to clean out drip pans on the stove after every use so they are easier to clean and residue is not baked on.  Clean up spills as you go.  It so much easier to wipe up spills right after they happen than waiting until it has dried.  Clean the leftovers out of your refrigerator weekly.  This will help keep your refrigerator and kitchen smelling fresher.  It’s also best not to leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight.  Dirty dishes can attract bugs and add to unwanted smells.

Make Cleaning Funshutterstock_133090979

Music has been shown to boost your energy while you clean and can make you more productive.  Maximize your time.  Clean or organize during the commercials of your favorite TV show — for every hour of television, you’ll gain 20 minutes of cleaning time.  Start with the chores you dislike the most.  Get them out of the way when you are still fresh and full of energy!

Control Your Digital Clutter

Sometimes, digital clutter is even worse than the piles of papers we let stack up on our desks. It is important to keep all of your devices clean and running smoothly.  If you find yourself registered for a mountain of e-newsletters you barely have time to open, let alone read, take the time to click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the e-mail.  Also, clean up your desktop.  Adding an attractive background to your desktop or cell phone can inspire you to keep the picture clean and in view.


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