Scotland Yard Apartments in Houston Helps You Get Ready for School!

No matter where you live in Greater Houston, you can’t escape that schools days are backshutterstock_184845797 (1) again!  At Scotland Yard Apartments in Houston you have chosen your escape from the ordinary hustle and bustle. There are so many reasons why so many call our community home and we couldn’t be more proud!  Our featured amenities include two resident swimming pools with pool decks, covered grills, racquetball courts, a fully equipped fitness center and on-site professional and friendly management staff dedicated to excellent customer service.  With school starting this week for most primary school students in Houston, Texas, the streets will be a buzz with school buses and anxious students who do not want to be late their first day!

Do you have what it takes to get ready for school?

If you’re not sure what you need to do to be properly prepared for a day at school, you’ll find some helpful suggestions here in these 5 easy steps.

shutterstock_71855995Step 1.  It is best to lay out tomorrow’s outfit the night before.  This will save you time in t
he morning and allow you to get dressed quickly.  If you do not have time the night before, but woke up early you can use the extra time to choose an outfit.  If you are in a rush, choose what you know always looks good or your school uniform if you wear one.

Step 2. Set your alarm for at least one hour before you need to leave for school.  The earlier shutterstock_141224527you get up, the more time you have to get ready!  If you struggle waking up early, try to go to bed earlier.  Start with going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you feel rested in the morning when your alarm goes off.  If you are not fully awake for school, it will be difficult to perform at your highest potential.

Step 3. Always dress to impress.  There are still ways to express your individual style even if you wear a school uniform every day.  Dress for the season.  Make sure you take a sweater if your class room is highly air conditioned in the summer.  It is harder to concentrate when you are uncomfortable in your surroundings.shutterstock_249187657

Step 4. Eat a well-balanced healthy breakfast every morning.  Drinking juices full of vitamin C are a great way to get going in the morning.  Never skip breakfast or you might feel tired throughout the whole day.  Take a snack with you to eat on the bus in case you are running late.  Starting your day right is very important.

shutterstock_209971198 (1)Step 5. Confirm your homework is complete before going to bed.  If homework is incomplete, work on it during the evening, before school, or during lunch, if it is due that day.  If you find yourself with incomplete homework day after day, re-evaluate your plan for doing your homework after school.

By following these simple steps you can get ahead of the game by being READY FOR SCHOOL!  If you need information on Metro Bus or Rail routes, visit the computers in our Business Center located next to the leasing office or call (713) 799-9460 for one of our Leasing Professionals help.