Puppy Power

Raising a puppy in an apartment presents a unique set of challenges for pet owners.  Puppies like to play and need frequent potty breaks, which can be difficult in an apartment.  Have no fear!  We’re here to help assist you in this blissful transition into dog ownership.

  1. Many apartment complexes have size and breed restrictions. Make sure you know what is acceptable to your community to avoid any possible issues after the fact.  Don’t forget to sign the required paperwork and pay additional pet deposits!
  2. Puppies crave their own small space so crate training works wonders! You can line the bottom with a comfy dog bed or blankets so they stay warm and cozy.  Make sure and set your puppy in the crate at bedtime.  They may whine and cry for a few nights, but soon will learn the crate is their own safe, quiet sleeping space.
  3. Toys galore! Apartment dogs don’t always have the outdoor space as an outlet for their energy and they can resort to destructive behavior.  Keeping them entertained with lots of chew toys will help ease their boredom during the day.
  4. Puppies have to go outside for frequent bathroom breaks. It’s best to take them out at least once every two hours to prevent accidents.  Don’t forget to be courteous to your neighbors and pick up after your pet immediately.
  5. High quality puppy food with no fillers such as corn and wheat are crucial to healthy growth. Make sure to establish a feeding routine early on and stick with it.  Take the puppy out for a bathroom break after every meal.
  6. Puppy activities! Your new friend will have a lot of energy to burn off.  Schedule times whenever you can and go for a walk in the park or around your community.  It is a great way to bond with your new pet and provides an opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs along the way!

Best of luck in your new adventure together and remember; love is a four-legged word!