Lemonade Day at Discovery Green

We’re inching closer and closer to Summer in Houston.  After a long off season, most of us forget the scorching heat that we can expect over the next 4 months.  As a bonus it seems to be getting hotter and hotter every year!  What oh what do we do?

We reach for some lemonade!  We love this cool refreshing drink.  It always seems to do the trick when we’re miserably dying of heat.  What magic is in this tasty beverage that makes it so powerfully satisfy our thirst on even the hottest days in Houston, TX?

Because the sour stimulates salivation.  When you start to become dehydrated on a hot day, your body’s need for liquid manifests as a dry mouth.  Research has showed that sour flavors stimulate salivation more than any other taste.  Acidic drinks wet the mouth and give the impression of hydration even after your lemonade is finished.

Discovery Green once again understands the struggle.  In celebration of this wondrous drink they are conducting a Lemonade Day this weekend.  Come and enjoy a beautiful sunny day with your friends and family while drinking a ICE COLD LEMONADE!!!!

LOCATION: 1500 McKinney Houston Tx

DATE AND TIME: Sunday, May 3, 2015 from 9 am- 3 pm