Fun Activities That Fit into Your Budget from Scotland Yard Apartments in Houston

Trying to keep a tight lid on your budget due to back to school expenses? Well Welcome to Houston Apartments budget life! Come check out the following amazing things to do within our area.  We are just minutes away from museums, fine arts, and many more exciting ventures.

Houston Apartments Near The Museum of Natural Science

photo-1423114723894-9d29d7e4aa58 1The Houston Museum of Natural Science offers educational opportunities for everyone.  Plan in advance and a get a free entry on certain days of the week.  It’s the perfect place to bring family and friends, especially if they are visiting or new to the Houston area. You can also enjoy the walk through the museum admiring and learning all the new different exhibits that they have to offer.  The Houston Museum also recently upgraded their 394-seat giant screen theatre to 3D so you can also enjoy a movie.   But the fun doesn’t stop there!  The Rainforest Conservatory is not too far from the Houston Museum. The Rainforest Conservatory has a wonderful 50 foot waterfall which is an amazing sight.  You can also explore all the exotic plants and see all the different and colorful butterflies.  They also have the “Brown Hall of Entomology” where is raises awareness of the unknown world of insects.

Check out Discovery Green in Houston

photo-1436162716854-dcb9157bfac1 1If you are also looking for more curricular activities Discovery Green also offers activities during the week.  They will be offering a Circus Arts class for ages 13 and up beginning September 23 through November 11.  This class will consist of ground arts and ground acrobatics. Discovery Green also has Stand up Paddle boarding on Kinder Lake; available dates for this activity are from August 22-November 15.  But if you prefer kayaking Discovery Green has it!  It’s only $5 per person!  Kayak rides are available from 11 am – 9 pm. Remember to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet! Life jackets will be provided.  If it’s your first time kayaking Discovery Green also offers classes for free on Wednesday‘s from September and October between 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Discovery Green is getting ready for Halloween.  They are having the “Scream on the Green” costume contest on Friday, October 30 from 6pm-10pm .  So start looking for your Halloween costumes so can win this amazing contest.  For any additional information please log into their website @

Get Your Groove On at The Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston

photo-1431069826965-10c61a19b835 1Like music? Well the Miller Outdoor theater offers all types of musical styles such as jazz, and classical. They are featuring the full 40 piece River Oaks Chamber Orchestra on September 27 at 7:30pm.  This is a jazzed-infused classical Orchestra and also a free ticketed event.  They are also offering the Swing Jive & Pop dance event on September 22 at 11 am and Leverage Dance Theater-Moving with Science on October 5, at 11 am.  This program is a dramatic dance performance that describes the effects of forces on dancer’s bodies in a playful way as well as the effects of acceleration, centripetal force, friction and much more.  Who knows watching this may inspire you for a future interest in science and inquire about the nature of the universe.